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South 16th at Vandorn

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Hello stranger! I assume you clicked on this because you too, are looking for one bombass best friend. Well, stop looking because you've found one!! The pictures are me!! Below, I'll list (Most of) everything I enjoy in general. You ready? Here we go!
*Music. (Country, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, some Pop, and some Rap.)
*YouTube/Film Making.
*Hair Dye
*Video Games
*Cuddling is always great!
Hobbies Include:
*Listening to music for hours on end. (No Joke.)
I'm one of those alternative people. A person that likes to dye their hair freaky colors, obsess over band members, and shower my best friend with love and affection, etc. (You can take that anyway you'd like ;) XD) I do not care about gender. I would just like a best friend. I'm 15, will be 16 in October. My name is Malissa, but I prefer you call me Sin, as that is what I do most. ;P Feel free to contact me on the following:
*Facebook- Sin Winchester (Profile pic is four guy band members (aka Papa Roach) Cover pic is five guy band members (aka Motionless In White))
*Snapchat- PacifyHer666
*Instagram- Sin_The_Reaper OR Sin_The_Reaper.privv

Feel free to add me, and please tell me you saw this post on craigslist, so i know how ya found me ;3

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ид. сооб.: 6484984172


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