Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal - $20 (David City)

Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 1 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 2 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 3 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 4 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 5 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 6 thumbnailChicken Breasts $1.49/lb, Milk $2.22/gal 7 thumbnail
Buresh Meats Markets in Columbus and David City! Many Great deals available!

Fresh or Frozen 10lb Packages of chicken (or purchase by the 40lb case)
Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb, boneless, skinless, fresh
Chicken Drumsticks fresh and frozen 50¢/lb
Chicken Party Wings (flat and drum separated) $1.49/lb fresh
Chicken Thighs 99¢/lb frozen
Chicken Thighs, boneless, skinless $1.79/lb frozen
Chicken Tenderloins $1.79/lb frozen
Chuck Rolls $4.15/lb! (avg weight 18lbs)🐮Can be cut into roasts, stew meat & more! Often used for Mexican Beef Birria 😋 Flavorful & tender roasts👍🏼Milk $2.22! Eggs $2/doz, Bread $1.79! 80/20 $2.50/lb🔥 Ribeye Steaks $12.50/lb ⬇️ see more… 🙂
Chuck Roll $4.15/lb avg weight 18lbs ($75-$100avg)
Chuck Roast $5.75/lb (cut and packaged, available in both stores)
Sirloin Coulotte/Picanha $6.75/lb
Tri-Tip $6.95/lb
Filet Mignon $18.50/lb
Round Steak $5.15/lb
NY Strip Steak $10.50/lb
Flank Steak $7/lb
Bone-In Ribeye $12.50/lb
Flat Iron $12.99/lb
Sirloin $8.95/lb
NE Gold Ribeye $12.50/lb
Choice Ribeye $15.75/lb
Piedmontese Ribeye $16/lb
Prime Ribeye $15.95/lb
Chuck Roast $5.75/lb
Bottom Round Roast $4.95/lb
Pork Chops $3.50/lb
Prime Grade Ribeye Loins frozen $13.50/lb
Briskets $4/lb
Chuck roll $4.15/lb
Beef tongue $7.50/lb
Beef liver $1.75/lb
Bull fries
Beef culotte
Beef hanging tenders $6.60/lb
Beef tri Tip $6.95/lb
Flank Steak $7/lb
Tomahawk steak $14.95/lb
Strip Steaks $10.50/lb
Flat Iron Steaks $12.99/lb
Piedmontese Ribeye Steaks $16/lb
Prime Ribeye Steaks $15.95/lb
NE Gold Ribeye Steaks $12.50/lb
Chuck Roast $5.75/lb
Piedmontese Chuck Roast $6.25/lb
Beef Bottom Flats $3.22/lb
Beef Eye of Round $4.40/lb
Beef heart $1.99/lb
Beef cheek meat $4.50/lb
Beef naval plates $2.75/lb
Beef Inside Rounds $3.75/lb
Beef Head $60
Restaurant Style appetizers to make at home! Quality products at great prices🔥🙂We carry 60+ appetizers!! Deals all week!! Milk $2.22, eggs $2/doz, Chicken Nuggets $1.49! Milk $2.22! Eggs $2/doz, Chicken Patties $2.99-buy 2 get 1 FREE🤩 Chicken Strips $7.99 XL Bag, NEW Potato Crisps $4.99/5lbs!
Special ➡️Beef Hot Dogs! 1lb package for $4.99! 🌭 Medium Dogs (6:1) & Large Dogs (4:1)
Chicken Pattie Sale‼️ $2.99 each! Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Each bag of patties is $2.99 for a large 2lb bag. They are breaded & uncooked. Great flavor, simply cook them in the oven, deep fat fry or air fry! sale!
Wow! Fully Cooked Wings 10% OFF! Now $8.99 for a 5lb bag🙂 ✅➡️5lb bags of fully cooked chicken wings (flats and drums) are unbreaded. Easy & Delicious. Oven bake, deep fry, air fry and more! Dip them in sauce or sauce and heat them up!
Smart Chicken Nuggets & Tenders $1.49 each!🥳 Best Buy Date 5/25/24. Best by is not expired, it’s when the manufacturer will guarantee freshness.
🍞Rotella's Sandwich Bread $1.79/loaf!
Milk $2.22/gal.(2% and whole)😮
Chicken Strips $7.99! 5lb bag!
🤩5lb bags of breaded chicken strips are uncooked. Whole Muscle! Cook them in the oven, deep fry or air fry. Delicious and easy! $7.99
Frzn Ground Beef! Low Prices⬇️! 80/20 $2.50/lb, 90/10 $3.25/lb! Milk $2.22, Crispy Potato Strips $4.99/XL Bag! Buresh Taco Meat $2.99/lb! Fully cooked, Tasty, 🌮😋
73% $1.99/lb 5lb tubes
80% $2.50/lb 10lb tubes
85% $3/lb 10lb tubes
90% $3.25/lb 10lb tubes
93% $3.50/lb 10lb tubes
We are taking orders to cut and package 10LB tubes of Ground Beef!🐮🍔 50cents/LB cost🙂 Orders are required to be in 10lb increments. Please call to order.
Final cost per pound for approximate 1lb cut and packaged (vacuum sealed)
73/27 $2.49/lb
80/20 $3/lb
85/15 $3.50/lb
90/10 $3.75/lb
93/7 $4/lb
TACO Meat ⬇️ 🤩
Buresh Taco Meat 2lb packages $2.99/lb😋 fully cooked & our recipe😋 mild, frozen
Fresh or Frozen 10lb Packages of chicken (or purchase by the 40lb case)
Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb, boneless, skinless, fresh
Chicken Drumsticks fresh and frozen 50¢/lb
Chicken Party Wings (flat and drum separated) $1.49/lb fresh
Chicken Thighs 99¢/lb frozen
Chicken Thighs, boneless, skinless $1.79/lb
Chicken Tenderloins $1.79/lb frozen
Cases of whole chickens 99¢/lb. Chickens are frozen together in one bag inside of the case
Sold Out- Bacon $2.99/pack 22oz! (Reg-thick cut)
Fresh Boneless Pork Butt/Shoulder $1.89/lb
Fresh Bone-In Pork Butt/Shoulder $1.59/lb
Frzn Pork Tenderloins $2.50/lb
Frzn Baby Back Ribs $2.75/lb
Frzn St. Louis style ribs $2.50/lb
Frzn Spareribs (Bulk) $1.45/lb
Frzn Pork Belly $3.50/lb
Frzn Pork Loins Bnls $1.79/lb
Pork Loins Bone-In $1.50/lb DC only
Frzn Bnls Pork Cushion $1.25/lb DC only
Maria is taking orders for Kolaches!🙂🍎🍑🍓🍒
Call to order, thanks! She hopes to have them available regularly at both Markets! Flavors include: Cherry, apricot, poppyseed, strawberry, blueberry, lemon, raspberry, cream cheese with fruit, Bavarian cream with cherry, apple, pineapple, chocolate bavarian cream😀
$10 per 6 pack
$20 per dozen
David City show contact info
Fully Cooked Snow Crab Legs $8.99/lb! Available in 1-3lb packages! 🙂🤩🦀
🐯 Raw black tiger shrimp! Colossal size! $31.76/2lbs 8-12ct/lb, tail on
➡️Pollock Cases! $46.60! 10lbs, 2-4oz size pollock fillets. IQF-convenient packaging. Once frozen not twice (once frozen fish has much less water weight & better texture) available at DC Store only or by order in Columbus!🙂
Crab Cakes Imitation $18.30/2.5lbs
Par Fried Breaded Pollock Sticks $6.95/lb
Pollock Sandwich Patties $43.59/5lb bag
Popcorn Shrimp $24.92/2.5lb bag
Cod Loins 4oz $11.52/lb. 3oz $12.68/lb
Pollock Fillets $5.25/lb
Mahi Mahi $12.20lb
Tilapia Fillets $4.25/lb
Atlantic Salmon $15.55/lb
Mrs. Friday’s Goldpack Fantail Shrimp $36.90/2.5lb case
Following items Available at the David City store only or in Columbus by order!
➡️ Inside Rounds Frzn $3.75/lb
Beef Eye of Rounds $4.40/lb
Beef Bottom Flats $3.40/lb
➡️ Beef Naval Plate Frzn $2.75/lb
⏩️✅& MUCH MORE !
Pork Chops
Whole duck
Ring bologna
Polish dogs, original Hot dogs, cheese Hot dogs, summer sausage, garlic Sausage, cheese Polish, meat sticks, jerky
Corned beef
Pork hocks
Yellow, Swiss American, pepper jack sliced cheese
Smoked Rope Sausage
Cajun Andouille sausage
Italian rope sausage
Jisa block cheese $3.75
Jisa cheese nuggets $3.75
Sliced pepperoni
Bologna, cotton salami, spiced lunch loaf
Fantail Shrimp
Gluten free, breaded shrimp
Tempura shrimp
Calamari fries
Black tiger shrimp
White shrimp
Crab cakes
Pollock Fish sticks
Cod Nuggets
Pollock Fish Sandwich Patties
Popcorn Shrimp
Cod loins
Pollock fillets
Breaded catfish
Swai fillets
Rock lobster tails
Atlantic salmon portions
Tilapia fillets
Fishman's platter
Village pie maker pies
Chicken chili Crispitos
Beef mini tacos
Chicken mini tacos
Egg rolls
Vegetable dumplings
Onion petals
Onion rings
Breaded mushrooms
Breaded portabella mushrooms
Jalapeno Bottle Caps
Spicy battered pickle fries
Battered Dill pickle chips
Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos
Jalapeno popper bites
Crab Rangoons
Breakfast and beef empanadas
French fries 5lb $4.99
French fries, shoestring 4.5lbs $4.99
Sweet potato fries
Sweet potato tots
Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites
Chicken fritters
Gluten free chicken nuggets
Mac n cheese Gouda bites
Chicken fries
Battered mozzarella sticks
Garlic cheese curds
Battered cheese nuggets
Breaded chicken gizzards
Breaded chicken livers
Mini corn dogs
Cheese tortellini
Cheese ravioli
Beef n pork meatballs
Fully Cooked pork wings
1339 38 Road
David City NE 68632
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3325 21st Street
Columbus, NE 68601
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David City is open Tuesday-Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-1
Columbus Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 9-1
We now accept EBT at our David City store🙂
(Not Columbus) Thank You for your Continued Support! We accept cash, checks and credit cards(2% card fee)
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