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Unsatisfied, angry, or frustrated with slaving through the "9-5 rat race" and being paid less than you're worth?

If so, read on.

Our names are Melissa & Sean and we are seeking those that are unhappy with their current work situation and want something better.

You know that feeling?. . .

"that deep down in my soul, I know I should be doing better than this..." feeling?

If so, again, read on.

So let's start with us. We're 33 & 35 yrs old. Both of us have had moderately good traditional careers to this point. However, we've been upset. Maybe you feel the same way - traditional business models have taught us to work hard, go to school, get good grades, get an education, get a degree, so you can get a good. . . J.O.B. WTF? How's that working?

FACT: says the average income is $28,400/yr.

Who can live on that? Seriously? $2,366.66/mo?

That barely pays for a mortgage, two (not-top-of-the-line vehicles), some utilities, and possibly a 6-pack of bud light to share over a bowl of Ramen by candlelight on Friday night watching some "forget about my life" t.v. show like "The Kardashians".

Further, you're usually stuck with more month at the end of your money, right?.

The worst part?

If you're like us, you're probably being managed by a dumb-ass boss that you're more educated and smarter than - and pinned to some whacky schedule he controls.

After spending time contemplating this sadness, we decided to try our hand at alternative business models.

You know. . . The ones that say things like, 'Become your own boss!' or 'Tired of working the 9-5?'. Many know them by the term 'Pyramid'. . .

We had a lot of issues with the pyramid concept until we fully understood that EVERY business in America has a pyramid structure.

You know, how the guy at the top that makes all the money.

Think about your job; you have a boss, they have a boss and so on, and finally it leads to the President, CEO or Owner. Well, who's getting the short end of the stick on that one?


Don't believe me? Lemme ask - what are YOUR chances of taking the top position? Probably slim to none, right?

Being skeptical, we, like most, used this idea of "pyramid" as an excuse not to start.

Later we found it was our fear of failure and self-doubt that was truly stopping us.

Once we figured this out, we made a 100% commitment to change. . .

Then began our 10-year quest for another way of life. . .

Long story short: WE FAILED

Then, we failed again...

. . .and again...

. . .and again...

We made lots of mistakes trying different things, lost lots of money, even GOT SCAMMED out of thousand's by a company in Vegas.

But then everything changed. . .

We found a model that worked and we designed a plan and achieved our dream life.

How? I'll share that in a minute, but nowadays, here's a typical day for us. . .

We're not the earliest risers, we hate alarm clocks. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee, watch the hummingbirds and play with our new kitty cats. Grab a workout - example. . . yoga on the beach in Croatia with Zagreb the instructor forcing our body parts to bend and twist in ways they weren't really designed, or finding a gym to pump some hardcore iron like Arnold. hahaha!

After that, grab about an hour of reading and meditation and then get to work from wherever we find ourselves.

OR it's spending the day on the lake, and checking our phones after a full day of basking in the sun to see how much fatter our account has grown since we first started our boat engine that morning.

And boy, we love what we do. It's an incredible feeling sharing an opportunity for those that are in the same place we were. There is no better business model than an internet business model.

Work when you want, how you want, from wherever you want, and work as much as you need to achieve the lifestyle you desire. It doesn't even feel like work, just striking a few keys on a keyboard, watching a couple short videos, and following directions. . . a few days later PAYCHECK!


The best part of this lifestyle is automation.

Here's what's FUN for us.

Waking up every morning, turning on our computers and checking our income report for the amount of money we made last night. . .. while we were sleeping.

Like Warren Buffett says, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!"

No responsibility for inventory, office expenses, or worst of all employees making stupid excuses why they couldn't show up today.

If this sounds too good to be true - it's not.

Haters gonna hate, that's the way it is. The world is a giant place.

We're looking for the small percentage of people that will actually do what's necessary to build a lifestyle they deserve instead of settling for bozo the boss-man dictating when you're allowed to take a piss.

Who are we looking for? Well, here's who we're NOT looking for.

- NO LAZY PEOPLE. This is a business. If you don't treat it this way, it won't pay you the way it can.

- NO EXCUSE MAKERS. If the cat ate your homework last night, and you can't follow directions. . . next.

- NO POOR ATTITUDE. Woe is me, there's the door.

So that leaves us with the hard part of telling you exactly who we are looking for.

Color don't matter, size don't matter, age don't matter, nor does past experience matter.

It comes down to a few simple concepts that you either possess or not.

Which ones you ask?

- You must keep an open mind.
- You must have a heart of a lion and be willing to do things others won't so you can live the life others don't.
- You must be coachable.
- You must be somewhat internet savvy (like have your own FB account).
And the #1 thing -
- You must be willing to work.

ACTIVITY is the key.

More activity = more results.

Best part, we give you a step by step, line by line, instruction by instruction method to create the life you want.

Our dream is our dream. . . what's yours?

We'll hold you accountable to achieving it!

You see, we've created a community of people that are working toward their freedom who are focused on helping the newest person without any skills or knowledge to success.

Don't know anything about internet marketing? No problem. . . We designed this for you.

Our community wreaks of positivity, strength, wisdom, MENTORSHIP, and SUCCESS.

We teach you all the necessary steps to building a successful digital marketing business that ACTUALLY provides income. We've spent thousands to learn these skills, and compiled all our knowledge into one place.

What's better than this?

We took all the really hard parts out of the equation and built a 90% done-for-you system.

- no messy software for you to deal with
- no selling required on your end
- no complicated email sequencing and follow up
- tracking things? we got you covered
- no payment processors for you to deal with

The 10% part you have to do?

We teach you EXACTLY how to build a system using social media (like Facebook) to find other people that want to check out our opportunity. That's it. . .

We have 100's of everyday, ordinary people making INSANE amounts of money doing this. . .

Yes. . . you can do this.

Once you master the 10%, we will teach you as much as you want to learn.

And, as fast as you can run, we'll be there with you. . .

...hand in hand, continuing to stretch your mind and your learning abilities.

What's next?

If this post leaves you hungry to explore our community and the opportunity to see if it's right for you. . .

...register on this link:

It will take you to a page where you enter your name and email to attend a 1-hour, NO COST workshop.

During the workshop, we lay out the entire plan.

The workshop is NO COST, and it will be enough info for you to make a proper decision for yourself.

Invest a few minutes for yourself.

Think about it. . .
If all this did was allow you an additional $28,400 part-time per year, would it be worth it?
If all this did was let you first your boss, would it be worth it?
If all this did was create the dream life you've always desired, would it be worth it?

We urge you to step off the hamster wheel and build your own dream. Lots of others are successful at it, why not you?

Register NOW! (

-sean & mel

Ps. . . please write us with any questions. One of us will get back to you within a day or less. (usually a couple hours)
Pss. . . if you're not ready to register, drop a "More Info" comment and we'll be happy to reach out to you.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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