Skid Steer and Tractor Attachments (Dorchester, NE)

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Pallet Forks
•5500 lbs Rated Capacity Pallet Forks with walk-through brickguards
•4000 lbs Rated Capacity Pallet Forks with walk-through brickguards
•2200 lbs Rated Capacity Pallet Forks
• Standard 4" wide class II fork
• Excellent visibility of tines
• Walk through eases entry and exit of machine
• Brickguard is flush with front of tine uprights for better load support
• Fork Extensions
• Hydraulic frames available
• Wide Frames Available

Telescoping Boom
• 3 Stage Extension: the first 2-48" stages provide 96" of hydraulic powered extension and the 3rd stage
provides over 60" of manual extension with a spring loaded lock pin
• Accepts a standard 2 1/2"class 5 receiver hitch to allow flexibility for multiple hitch options
• 2 hitch storage holders on main body are included
• Lifting Capacity: Depends on extension angle, length and machine operating capacity
• Recommended for use with machines having a Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) of more than 2000# but
not to exceed 4000#
• Use the following chart to determine what the lifting capacity will be with this boom on your machine in
various positions

Material/Dirt Buckets
• Features enclosed top edge for strength
• Optional double bevel bolt-on edge

Tooth Buckets
• Features enclosed top edge for strength
• Teeth are replaceable

High Dump Buckets
• 3 extra feet of dumping height
• 2" x 10" twin cylinders
• 3/4" x 6" edge
• 3/16 bucket wrap
• Sizes: 72", 84", 96"

4-N-1 Buckets
• 3" cylinders
• Optional weld on teeth
• Optional bolt on edge and side cutter
• Size: 72", 78", 81", 84"

Concrete/Cement Bucket
• 1/2 and 3/4 yard capacity
• 3/16 material
• Optional hydraulic gate

Material Bucket Grapples
• Bolt-on sides and cylinder guard kit standard
• Grapples operate independently
• Features enclosed top edge for strength
• Optional double bevel bolt-on edge
• Bolt on cutting edges

Stump Buckets
• 4x4 Square tube frame
• Made from 1/2" top quality plate
• 1" cutting edge
• Replaceable teeth
• 12" Long bucket
• 3" x 3/8" Wear bars
• Optional grapple with 2" x 10" cylinder

Brush Grapples
• Easily handles logs,roots, stumps and brush
• 1/2" grade 50 tines are connected to one another for added strength
• Dual hooks operate independently
• Tie rod cylinder guard base kit standard

Rock Buckets and Grapples with bolt on sides
• Easily pick up rocks, logs, roots, stumps, brush and leave the dirt behind
• Removable bolt on sides allow for extra capacity
• Includes a flat bar on rear to allow this attachment to double as a land leveler
• Features a rock dam and tine notch to hold back rocks while digging
• Tines are connected to one another via 3/4" x 2" flat for added strength
• Constructed from high strength grade 50 steel
• Dual hooks operate independently
• Cylinder guard kit standard

Clam/Rake Grapple
• Two independent grapples
• Unique design makes it easy to roll debris into tight piles
• Fully opens to 51"
• Built with 1/2" top quality steel
• Heavy duty rated for 45-65 hp machines
• X-treme duty rated for 65 and up machines
• X-treme duty comes standard with teeth

Dozer Blades
• 1/2" ar400 cutting edge
• 4 way, 6 way or multi purpose angle blades to choose from

Brown Tree Saw HTS-3640BA
• Brown Tree Saws are designed to be rugged machines that can handle selective clearing of wood lots, fence
rows, food plots and ATV/ bike trails. The heavy construction is tough enough to cut heavy brush and trees
up to eight inches in diameter. The balanced blade also keeps vibration to a minimum.
• Electric over hydraulic 180 degree rotating head for trimming limbs and sizing logs for easy removal.
Standard three button wiring harness is included to remotely operate the rotating head and herbicide sprayer
from the operator’s station. 8 pin and 14 pin connectors are also available to hook up to your skid steer’s
internal controls. Our saw blades are designed with a “through bolt” with nylon lock nut for the carbide
blade tips for safety and ease of maintenance. The saw blade is designed with a limiting crown to keep the
blade from binding when cutting large diameter material.

X-treme Duty Piston Motor Brush Cutters
• X-treme Brush Cutters are an ideal attachment for tough clearing applications
• Cutter comes in a 60", 72" or 78" cutting width
• Equipped with bidirectional blades, powered by a high torque direct drive piston motor and bearing housing
• Flows of 17-27 gpm, 27-35 gpm and 30-48 gpm
• The 27-35 gpm and 30-48 gpm models have a 1/4" deck with sides reinforced with 3/8" AR400 and 1/2"
clover leaf shaped blade holder
• The 17-27 gpm models have a 3/16" deck with sides reinforced and 3/8" double clover leaf shaped blade
• All models have 7" cutting capacity, 3 bidirectional blades made with 5/8" AR400, optional mulching teeth
and requires a case drain

X-treme Duty Brush Cutters
• X-treme brush cutters come in a 60", 72" and 78" cutting widths
• Equipped with bidirectional blades constructed with 5/8" AR400
• Powered by a high torque Parker motor and features a 100-hp Omni gear box
• Flow of 14-20 gpm is required on the low flow models and 20-30 gpm on the the mid flow models
• X-treme brush cutters are constructed with a 3/16" deck with sides reinforced with 3/8" AR400
• Case drain not required on these models
• Heavy Duty and standard models are also available.

Forestry Disc Mulcher
• CID Forestry Disc Mulcher has a robust 60" diameter fully machined disc, there is no job too tough to
• Mulches 6" material in a matter of seconds and cuts 14" diameter trees like it is nothing
• Deck is constructed of 3/8" materiel and has reinforced sides
• Teeth on top and bottom of the blades
• Throws material away from the machine and allows below ground cutting

Tree Shears
• 1" thick Ar400 blade
• 40 tons of shearing force
• Capable of cutting 12" trees
• Hydraulic tree shear powered by a 5" x 12" cylinder
• 90 degree rotation offered in manual or hydraulic
• Available with universal 8 or 14 pin wiring harness

Tree and Post Puller by MRF
• Turns a skid steer into an economical tree and post puller
• Easily clear trees and fence lines
• 1/2" AR400 tooth material
• Cylinder guard standard

Tree Puller XL PRO by CL Fabrication
• Bolt on Root Rippers. 1″ thick AR400 steel. Removable when working fence and wire.
• Larger 2″ diameter main pivot pin
• Patented design gives a wide 34” opening
• Jaws are 1″ thick AR400 high strength steel. AR400 steel is nearly 4 times the strength of A36 steel and
40% stronger than T1 steel. (see comparison below)
• Jaw and frame tubes are 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″
• Jaws feature vertical and horizontal bracing
• Solid back panel protects skid steer quick attach
• Welded 3 1/2″ x 8″ hydraulic cylinder can produce over 31,000 lbs of force
• Flat face couplers included
• Hydraulic cylinder guard built from 3/8″ plate steel
• Greasable at all pivot points
• Abrasive blasted and powder coated
• XL-Pro puller with Cab Guard weighs 745 lbs
• Mounts are available for most loaders

Tree Puller Dominator by CL Fabrication
• 60” opening easily grasps large objects.
• Jaws are 1” thick AR400 high strength steel.
• AR400 steel root rippers are removable
• 3/4” thick vertical jaw braces
• 3/4” thick upper and lower frame plates
• 4″x4″x3/8“ frame cross tubes.
• Twin 3.5”x8” cross tube welded cylinders
• Each cylinder can produce over 33,000 pounds of force
• Hydraulic cylinder guards built from 3/8” plate protects cylinders when digging or pulling.
• 2” diameter, CF 1045 main pivot pins
• Greasable at all pivot points
• Abrasive blasted and powdered coated.
• Dig with jaws open or closed.
• Includes 4780 PSI hoses and flat faced couplers
• Mounts are available for most loaders

Rotary Tillers
• Bolt on replacement tines
• 1/4" plate, rolled housing
• 3/8" sides with 3/8" thick shoes
• High and low flow models to choose from

Wood Splitter
• 10" tall blade is made out of 1" thick high strength, tempered steel
• 5" x 36" - 3000 psi welded cylinder
• Includes bolt on 4-way splitter blades
• Shear logs up to 8" in diameter
• Split logs up to 36" in length
• The unique design allows users to assemble it to one of 3 positions. Whether trimming or shearing trees,
cutting logs to length or just splitting wood, this one attachment can be configured to do it all!
• Boom can reach limbs 16' high

Tree Scoop
• Turns a skid steer into an economical tree mover
• Sharpened angle cutting blade for easy digging

Round Bale Spears
• Tines are forged and tapered for strength and ease of use
• Easily remove tines by removing a nut on the back
• 18° quick-tach angle for optimal performance

Square Bale Spears
• Tines are forged and tapered for strength and ease of use
• Easily remove tines by removing a nut on the back
• 18° quick-tach angle for optimal performance

Bale Squeezer
• 3 1/2" bore x 14" stroke, 3000 psi cylinder for extreme pressure clamping
• Compact frame design with formed piping allows grabbing close to machine for increased lift capacity with no
sharp corners or edges to damage bales
• 4 heavy duty springs on each side control sway and ensure paddles stay centered
• Greaseable pivot areas
• Unique paddle design efficiently grabs up to 6' diameter round bales and up to 7' long square bales

Bale Spears/Sleeves
•Many different sizes to choose from

Forklift mounted Bale Spear
•Turn a pallet fork frame into a bale spear

Equipment Movers
• Storage forextra receivers
• Premium mover features extended length of receiver allowing operator to view hitch from cab
• Built heavy duty to handle moving loaded wagons

3 PT Gooseneck Tow Bar
• 2-5/16 heavy duty forged ball
• Will work with Cat. II and Cat. III narrow or wide

Fork Hitch Mover
• Forklift mounted 2" receiver hitch
• Slips over 2 pallet fork tines and chains to brickguard

Tractor Loader to Skid Steer Adapters
• John Deere 120-500 Series Loaders to Skid Steer adapter
• John Deere 600-700 Series Loaders to Skid Steer Adapter
• Global/Euro Tractor Loaders to Skid Steer Adapter
• Skid Steer to Global/Euro Adapter (Use your Global/Euro attachments on your skid steer)

Quick-Tach Plates
• Skid Steer Female Quick-Tach Plate starting @ $90
• Skid Steer Male Quick-Tach Plate starting @$415
• John Deere Quick-Tach Plate starting @ $140
• Global Quick-Tach Plate Starting @ $165

Snow Buckets
• Features closed top edge for strength
• Optional double bevel bolt-on edge
• Choose from standard or mesh back

Snow Pushers
• 1-1/2"x 8" replaceable rubber edge
• 1" AR400 replaceable shoes
• 3/8" thick sides for extra support

Sand Spreader
• Variable speed flow control with check valve to prevent reverse operation
• 18" diameter pan spreads up to 35'
• 10 cubic foot hopper features 4 adjustable doors to control material flow

Manure Fork and Manure Fork Grapple
• Removable 36" tines made from 1.75" spring steel in tapered sleeve
• Front support plate strengthens leading edge of bucket with a self cleaning design
• Grapples operate independently

Post Driver/Concrete Breaker by Arrowhead
• No springs or pistons to break or replace
• Hydraulic over nitrogen charged
• Available with post driver or concrete breaker tool

Post Hole Digger by CL Fabrication
Compact High Torque Planetary Gearbox with Eaton Motor
• Hoses and quick couplers included.
• Side Shift Mount is standard
• Made in the USA

• TRU-CUT – a 12″ auger cuts a 12″ hole, no more oversized holes!
• Easy knock in and out teeth requires no special tools.
• Extremely efficient cutting head design and optimum flight pitches to provide maximum soil removal in all ground conditions.
• Dig holes in earth conditions and clay
• Available Size, 6” to 60”

Post Hole Diggers and Bits by LOWE
• Many models and bits to choose from to meet your needs
• See are Post Hole Diggers add for more info

Trenchers by LOWE
• Cover depths from 2' to 5' and widths up to 14"
• Whilst spoil is piled neatly to the side of the trench by the integral auger
• Flow rates up to 40GPM
• Bullet-Proof planetary gearbox

Manure Scraper
• Frame is constructed from 3/8" steel and powder coated for long life
• Safe and convenient step through design
• Frame is designed to last multiple tire changes
• Back scraper is standard for cleanout of material
• Replacement tires available
• Two sizes to choose from 6' or 7'

Bale Unroller by CL Fabrication
• For bales 60″ wide
• Strong 2.5″ x 8″ welded cylinder
• Protective cover over hydraulic cylinder
• 4″ x 4″ x .375″ tubing cross frame
• 4″ x 3″ x .25″ tubing arms
• Patented one-piece skid steer mount brackets
• Greaseable arm pivots and rollers
• Includes hoses and high quality flat faced couplers
• Tough, powder-coated finish

EZ SNOW PUSHER by CL Fabrication
• Make quick work of big winter jobs with the EZ snow pusher attachment.
• The high, wide body holds more snow per pass. Flotation and oscillation of the body keeps the pusher in
contact with the ground allowing for snow removal on uneven surfaces.
• The floating mount puts less pressure on the skids so they last longer.
• It can float vertically 4″ and tilt front to back over 10 degrees. The body can also rotate side to side more
10 degrees.
• Rubber edge works great on gravel drives – getting the snow and leaving the gravel
• Custom mounts are available for tractor front loaders. Euro global, Westendorf, JD 400/500, JD classic quick
attach and many others
• Reversible, 1.5 “x8” Rubber or AR400 steel edge
• Abrasion resistant, AR400 steel skids
• Tough powder coated finish
• Dimensions 34″ high, 47″ front to back

XR RIPPER by CL Fabrication
• 76″ and 84″ Widths Available
• Built for compact track loaders and skid steers and can handle the power of the biggest skid steers and
compact track loaders.
• Rip and scarify hard ground.
• Tear out roots, rocks and dig up stumps.
• Reversible teeth for forward or reverse ripping.
• Maximum depth is 20″ below grade.

Stump Bucket with Grapple by CL Fabrication
• Optional bolt on hydraulic grapple opens 65″
• Tough, powder coated finish
• Replaceable excavator teeth
• 1/2″ thick upper quick attach hook bar
• 1/2″ thick Grade 50 steel sawtooth body side plates
• 3/8″ thick grade 50 steel quick attach plate
• 1″x8″x17″ beveled grader blade cutting edge
• Weighs 400 lbs. 560 lbs with grapple.

3 Point Bale Spear by CL Fabrication
• #3500 rated, taper forged spikes
• Spikes have tapered seat for easy removal
• Ball mount for gooseneck trailer
• 4x4x3/8″ frame cross tube
• Center upright is formed 3/8″ plate
• Abrasive blasted and powdered coated

Attach your Accumagrapple to your skid steer or tractor, hook the single hydraulic circuit, and carry your Accumagrapple to the field raised off the ground high enough to clear any obstacles. Always be aware of your surroundings and move at a safe speed. Take care of the extended length and swing radius that an Accumagrapple adds to your machine. Each Maxilator Accumagrapple replaces a small army of hay handlers. Easily and safely gather, accumulate, lift, load, pack, stack, and unload square bales up to 42” in length. With the guide plates and packing arms in place, the Accumagrapple stacks 8 bales in four vertical columns and finishes the stack with two horizontal “tie bales”, keeping the stack tight and stable. The guide plates and packing arms and removed in a matter of minutes with no tools, converting the Accumagrapple into a versatile grapple. Keep a packing arm on either the left or right side, and you can use it to squeeze your bales into tight stacks on a flatbed or in your barn. The Accumagrapple even comes with a machine-mounted kickstand that allows for storage in packing mode.The Accumagrapple is versatile and can accommodate standard 14 x 18 square bales in lengths ranging from 36” to 42”. We recommend 39” long bales for best performance and tightly stacked groups.Each Accumagrapple is carefully welded, coated, and assembled in Rockmart, Georgia by skilled craftsmen. Maxilator uses a tough thermoplastic coating that lasts longer out in the field than powder coat or paint. We stand behind our products, offering an industry-leading 5-year product warranty on the Accumagrapple.
Accumagrapple Features:
• Gathers hay bales in the field
• Carries the bales, 10 at a time
• Lifts the bales onto a truck or a trailer
• Unloads the bales at the barn
• Stacks the bales in your storage area
• Use with either tractor or a skid loader

Dairy Attachments
• Stall Plow
• Feed Pusher
• Freestall Groomer

More Attachments and Equipment available! Checkout our website: www.schweitzerfarms.com

Give us a call to see what we have on hand! If we don't have something we can get it coming for you from our manufacture.

Here at Schweitzer Farms and Sales we sell many different attachments and equipment for skid steers and tractors. Many of these attachments we have tested and use daily on our own farm, because we don’t want to sell junk! Not every manufacture offers or makes the best attachment so we are dealers for multiple manufactures to give you the best options. Many of our attachments come with a warranty so you can buy with confidence. We are always adding different attachments and equipment so check back often or give us a call.

Schweitzer Farms
(402) 946-7771

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