73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 - $1 (Palmyra)

73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 1 thumbnail73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 2 thumbnail73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 3 thumbnail73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 4 thumbnail73-79 FORD TRUCK PARTS...updated 03/10/24 5 thumbnail
3/10/2024 update. Everything that's still
here has hit it's deadline to go.

90% of the parts listed have been dropped off for eBay... So will take a day or two to round up if needed.

Trying to stay updated here. Everything needs to go.

Going to add a 79 f150 4x4 regular cab long bed to the chopping block as of today.
Box is beat to hell good for not much more then a box trailer, driver's door is crusty across the bottom, passenger
door is decent, cab probably needs a whole floor and cab mounts so I'll cut it up for repair panels, good, fenders and inner fenders, core support all decent shape, grill shell & headlight bezels are driver quality, insert is cut for the plow cables and wiring, interior is nothing special already pulled all the jade green lariat pieces out (headliner and door panels)

9 inch (mini spoiled) rear with 3.50 gearing

Married NP205

I stuck a newer set of 3" lift leafs under the back last fall.

***The 400, plow/mount, wheels/tires & roll bar are not for sale.***

I will have a tired but rebuildable 400 available in a few weeks or so when I have time to do some engine swapping.

The supercab has been repainted. Slowly making progress on other changes as I get time. Currently my daily driver.. work on it when I have free time. Price will depend on where I'm at with improvements and what the current (national) market is at the time.

The core support & drive shaft (fits the V8/C6 length) are all that's left of the White truck

1 set inner fenders

All parts and such are open to offers.

Some parts are already listed on eBay by a second party therefore I have to check make sure some things are still available. Parts listing changes almost daily between sale's local and through eBay on top of I'm slowly cleaning out buildings and such where I've got parts stored.
Slowly working on liquidating everything

I've got a mild 351w & c6 that I built for the 75. Literally has barely been broken in as far as miles go.
I have over spent on it with plans to toss it into a car at some point but 3 year later still haven't found a car I want to throw it into lol but it is what it is. I'd take the hit in the bank and take $7,500 for the Engine/trans together.

I currently have no use for it and taking offers on it until I happen across something that sparks my interest to throw it into before a decent offers made.

As far as negotiating goes... cash is king. Gold, silver, bang sticks & some times FE parts id consider as partial trading material.

Set of 78/79 3/4 ton front leaf hangers.

351m/400 heads

Set of round 78 custom headlight buckets

Two sets of 78/79 square headlight buckets

Two Set's of cab mounts cab frame side

3/4 ton front shock towers.

335 series Engine towers 2wd and 4x4.

2wd FE towers.

Edelbrock M-9424-351 single plain 4bbl for the 351 cleavland

Edelbrock performer for FE 352/360/390/410/428

Green/lariat door panel inserts. Passenger door panel is good, driver's side panels ok but has been screwed on unfortunately. Have spare driver's door panel for the insert to go onto. There green there almost impossible to find in good shape so yeah a little expensive.

Also have a set of basic black panels.

Dual tank HVAC control for ac

Non AC HVAC controls

Detroit Locker for a dana 44 front. New Make a fair offer. .

One set of single shock of mounts for the front 4x4

Couple sets of rear shock frame mounts

door glass couple sets

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